Hill End OSHC

Based in Glenella, Hill End OSHC offers after school care and vacation care for children aged 5-12years.

This program reflects the developmental stages and requirements of older children. Children of this age-group are beginning to develop a sense of independence from their family and desire belonging in social and friendship groups. To support this natural development of increasing independence, children require opportunities to practice making decisions, taking risks and chances for increased responsibility.

Hill End OSHC supports children during this stage by providing space and resources for self-directed learning and leisure. We do this by planning using a Floorbooks approach to co-constructing the program and children communicate their learning and leisure with their families through the Seesaw app.

The small ratio of educator to children (1:7) allows for close relationships to be formed between children and families. This also allows the educator and parents to work closely together on facilitating healthy social emotional development for all children attending.

The program also allows children many opportunities for outdoor and neighbourhood play. The Glenella location offers a large outdoor area with gardens, chickens and a forest, where children enjoy unrestricted free play, use tools and construct with loose parts. Children also enjoy exploring Glenella’s abundant green and wild spaces including parks and their own secret spot along Jane’s Creek. These activities do include elements of risk however through these activities children are learning how to assess and manage risks for themselves and become more responsible for their own safety.

Hill End OSHC is a registered service with Inspired Family Day Care Scheme who are exceeding National Quality Standards in the provision of education and care for children.

Australian Child Care Subsidy rebates apply.


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